Friday, January 30, 2009

November 2008

In November the Curves that I was working at closed. Due to the economy. I was very sad for the owner. She was awesome to work for and a super nice lady. Also because I lost my place to work out. sad...

For Thanksgiving we went to Nevada to spend the week with my family. It is always fun seeing everyone and being together. Eating too much good food and giving my bro's a hard time for how old they are becoming.
As you can see there is a lot of us.
Believe it or not in this picture we are missing 29 members of our family that couldn't be there. YIKES!

We always seem to find a way to play a game of Basketball while we are there. It's a girls against the boys kind of thing. This year we only had 5 girls and the men had 8. We had so much fun playing, but man are we all getting old or what. The men beat us women by a slim margin. As you see we are all exhausted and feeling our age.

This is my bro James showing his pain for his "mommy". He is the family's mama's boy. He is 2 years older than me. We continually give each other grief about being mom & dads babies.

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Lon said...

Ohhhh, that is so not true! We whooped 'em!!! Whooped 'em real good...