Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Eggs 2010 and CONTEST

Here we all are dyeing Easter eggs like a happy little family.
Not sure the boys want to be here but they made it through
and seemed to enjoy some of it.

What beautiful colors we made, so spring like.

Here is Lon with his pretty blue artistically created egg.

Derek showing his enthusiasm in designing with these lovely

unique creations. He even made one for his mom.

Trinity with her beautiful colored eggs.

Jamies fave color is blue. She did a great job with this one

Cody did his obligatory three eggs and moved right on to

eating them. Go figure...

Look DAD my egg took out my eye... She is so funny.

So I as mom declare this the most artistic flare of them all.
Great job Derek.

Ok so this is our contest. Which egg has the best color.
For everyone who responds I will put your name in a hat and
select a winner. The winner will receive a Harkins movie pass
and a free popcorn voucher.

So just vote BLUE or RED


Momma Dianna said...

Blog contests are so fun! Of course I vote blue for you!

Melissa M. said...

Great pictures, looks like you all had a fun time!

The White's said...

Ok so Lon is making me be honest,the red egg looks way cooler after sitting for several hours. So LON you win. The red egg is the best.

Eva said...

I say red.
I have never seen eggs take color that well. I am truly impressed

Susan said...

Red, red wet the bed...

I don't think I have ever seen a red easter egg before. Maybe I just don't have the patience. Now I have something to aspire to for next year.

Amy said...

I'm impressed with the RED. But I'm more impressed that you've been posting on your blog, Paula!

Kate said...

OH I miss you girl! Almost makes me want to start blogging again. But sometimes it just doesn't happen! Way cool Easter Eggs! I must admit I love the Red, it helps that it is one of my favorite colors! I love you Paula and miss you and your family like crazy!